JP's Flybaby progress 

Flybaby Photos

Fabric covering of tail

Working in the big blue hangar !

Venturi for turn and bank suction

Internal fuse

internal forward fuse

Engine mount internal support

Horizontal stab detail

Rear view early fabric stage

flybaby covering

H-stab part covered

firewall detail

march 7, 2005

underside detail

Belly cutout

Forward fuse detail

Rudder part covered

fabric anchors on fuse underside

flybaby covering gussets

flybaby covering rudder cables

tapes prior to fabric

flybaby uc brackets

flybaby rear inst panel

Instrument panel laminated bow

Rear instrument panel detail


Early wing construction

Wing continued

Wing detail

compression rib and attach bracket

Just painted

Just on the landing gear

Trial fit of engine mock up

Checking engine clearance

100% stock engine mount, built to bowers drawing

Cylinder sticking out

The plan it to have J3 style cowls

Engine fit

Trial fit of wing

March 4, 2005

Tail wheel install

landing gear detail r/h

Trial fit of pilot

2nd november progress

Both wings hanging

time to fabricate wing support cables and fittings